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About me

Hi! I'm Chrissy. After over 13 years working in innovation and advertising it has become clear to me that there are 4 requirements to successful business growth

1) Everyone must be focused on the thing that really matters, identified through a combination of instinct and insight

2) A think do culture, which links together strategy and action, meaning ideas don't die on PowerPoint slides

3) People with a distain for the mediocre, a curiosity for life and the tenacity to make the best ideas happen

4) Clear responsibilities that allow a team to work effectively, meaning more time is spent implementing rather than in internal meetings

However, it is incredibly tricky for a business to create all of these conditions for growth overnight. That's why in 2017 I set up The Big Thinks, a consultancy service which brings these four elements together in one package, creating the right conditions for your organisation's success.